Intention is heavier than law of attraction

yes you are correct i told you intention is heavier than Law of attraction!

Hey guys, I am making a post on my blog after a long time. I was researching and watching videos on the law of attraction and energy vibrations, positive thoughts and all such stuff but I think there are two emotions which are way far too important than positive thoughts, and the law of attraction that is our believes and power of intention. The best example to show that Intention is heavier than law of attraction is, You want to do the job for money but deep inside your soul you have no intention of devoting and dedicating your precious time say your 8 hours of the day at workplace then no matter how hard you try you will fail in your interview because you actually have no intention of doing it inside you.

And i have also noticed there are many things which can easily block the law of attraction techniques, like your own doubting mind can block it, your negative thoughts, believes and selfishness can block …

Oakland's Fairyland: A Theme Park for Children


Pressure cooked chicken rice

Hey friends welcome to Bachelor`s cuisine again.
Today i have brought A Special chicken recipe which is very easy to cook and sounds so simple.

Let`s get started with Pressure cooked chicken rice.

Ingredients: 1-Boneless Chicken: 1/2 kg 2-Rice : One cup 3-Oil: 2 table spoon 4-Turmeric; One tea spoon 5-Ginger garlic paste: One table spoon. 6-Salt to taste 7-Lemon juice: One small size lemon 8-Coriander powder: Half tea spoon 9-Coriander 10-Onions: 1 Onion chopped 11-Soya sauce: 10 drops 12-Beans; half fist beans 13-Carrots half fist chopped carrots <

Badaam Hareera

Hey friends there is yet another special recipe in Bachelor`s cuisine this time it is for students who do not like to cook and wants to eat delicious and also for kids.
Let`s look at this special recipee
Badaam Hareera

Before giving the recipe of Badaam ka hareera I would like to say the benefits of this Hareera. It is Nutritious for little children especially at the time when they are not eating well or are sick.
This Hareera has delicious taste of original India Ghee and contain sugar, water and Milk plus almonds. If you are looking out for a more organic juice which is tasty yet nutritious and away from harmful and heavy chemicals and spices then Badaam ka Hareera is Best for your child.
Ingredients: 1-Almonds 2-Milk 3- Drinking water 4- Sugar 5- Wheat powder 6- Desi ghee
Preparation:Take 3 almonds skin off and cut them into small pieces, take a pan and put one full table spoon of desi ghee in it. Wait till the ghee becomes hot now add wheat powder 2 full table spoons and almonds and put the sto…

9 pounds salmon baked fish

9 POUNDS Salmon baked Fish
Hey guys I have yet another Fantastic Dish for the bachelors it`s name is 9 pounds salmon baked fish and this is yet another treat for the bachelors who has been staying in USA, Australia and UK or UAE alone to study and work. Just feel your mother`s hands made aroma in these Indian Mughlai dishes.

Just check out this super tasty super delicious, mouth watering 9 pounds salmon baked fish.

1- Take 9 pounds big Salmon fish pieces 2- Ginger garlic paste 5 tea spoon 3-olive oil 2 cups 4-coriander powder 5 tea spoon 5-Red chilli powder 2 table spoon 6-Turmeric powder 1 tea spoon 7-Garam Masala powder 1 tea spoon 8-Lemon juice of 2 lemons 9- Salt as per taste
Preparation: Wash and dry salmon fish pieces, take aluminium tray and arrange all the fishes in the tray, now start adding all the spices mentioned above in the ingredients section. Marinate the fishes well, and then heat the oven at 35 degree fahrenheit on medium temperature and cook the fishes in oven for 1 …

How to write a successful Web content?

How to write a successful Web content?

A Successful and extremely professional search engine optimized and key word rich content is now a day`s a dream of every person who wants to make a good name in Web business. Here are easy and wonderful tricks to write a highly successful web content to become a great success on internet marketing.
There are 10 steps to write a Rich web content.
1-   1-  High Quality Web content is always short and informative: Never write a long, dragging stories, and never use words of grandeur or extra unnecessary words or a text full of verbosity in your web content, The content of high quality contains words and paragraphs which are correctly spelled and grammatically correct and a content of high standard always covers the main important points.
2-  2-   High quality web content contain proper introduction, main body and conclusion: This type of web content also covers up the positive points and negative points or can be said advantages and disadvantages of his …