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How to write a successful Web content?

How to write a successful Web content?

A Successful and extremely professional search engine optimized and key word rich content is now a day`s a dream of every person who wants to make a good name in Web business. Here are easy and wonderful tricks to write a highly successful web content to become a great success on internet marketing.
There are 10 steps to write a Rich web content.
1-   1-  High Quality Web content is always short and informative: Never write a long, dragging stories, and never use words of grandeur or extra unnecessary words or a text full of verbosity in your web content, The content of high quality contains words and paragraphs which are correctly spelled and grammatically correct and a content of high standard always covers the main important points.
2-  2-   High quality web content contain proper introduction, main body and conclusion: This type of web content also covers up the positive points and negative points or can be said advantages and disadvantages of his …