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The best program for mothers

Hey guys Sexy Mama is The best program for mothers I found online for mothers who are struggling to get back into their 20`s shape and feels guilty at their increasing tummies. Now all the woman you do not need to work hard sweating and exercising to lose weight.

Now you do not need to crave for delicious food because of your boring dieting and you do not need to sacrifice your passions because you need to take care of kids and home.

Sexy momma is a most famous program which has been followed many thousands of women who are getting great results with it.
You will learn Methodical exercise no more sweating and struggling now
You are going to learn the fantastic and intuitive way of eating right. We never know but our bodies speak to us and tell us what they need and at what time. You need to follow those intuitions.
We love mutton but sometimes it happens we do not feel like eating even though it is our favorite it is just because your body intuition is working at it`s best and that time may …

Simple easy cheese pakodas

Hey guys,

i have brought for you today simple easy cheese pakodas made in a different style.

It is my style cheese pakodas.

Cheese pakoda

Cheese pakoda is a snack which is all time favorite of kids.
Their Mouth melts and waters when we speak about serving them with cheese pakoda.
Check out this cheese pakoda recipe.

1-1 cup Cheese cubes
2-Oil to deep fry

3-Salt as per required
4-1 cup Gram flour (Besan)

5-2 table spoon Corn flour
6- Some Corn flakes crumbs

7-1 Finely chopped onions
8-A pinch of Black pepper powder 9-Fresh cilantro chopped 10-

Hot lamb mutton marag

Hot lamb mutton marag
Dear friends do you know I still could remember my childhood days One day I was upset with something and was not eating anything I was damn hungry, extra-ordinarily hungry and not at all eating anything.
Then my mother came to me with Hot lamb mutton marag and roti just Smashed with her hands and she fed me up With delicious soupy mutton and wheat roti. I cannot say how delicious it was and how amazing I felt and then I could get I would like to feed my children with the same delicious recipe.
Here it is

1-Lamb Mutton: ½ kg 2-Turmeric powder: very little in quantity 3-Pepper: half tea spoon 4-Salt as per taste 5-Oil: 1 cup 6-Coriander leaves: One full 7-

Pressure cooked chicken rice

Hey friends welcome to Bachelor`s cuisine again.
Today i have brought A Special chicken recipe which is very easy to cook and sounds so simple.

Let`s get started with Pressure cooked chicken rice.

Ingredients: 1-Boneless Chicken: 1/2 kg 2-Rice : One cup 3-Oil: 2 table spoon 4-Turmeric; One tea spoon 5-Ginger garlic paste: One table spoon. 6-Salt to taste 7-Lemon juice: One small size lemon 8-Coriander powder: Half tea spoon 9-Coriander 10-Onions: 1 Onion chopped 11-Soya sauce: 10 drops 12-Beans; half fist beans 13-Carrots half fist chopped carrots <

Badaam Hareera

Hey friends there is yet another special recipe in Bachelor`s cuisine this time it is for students who do not like to cook and wants to eat delicious and also for kids.
Let`s look at this special recipee
Badaam Hareera

Before giving the recipe of Badaam ka hareera I would like to say the benefits of this Hareera. It is Nutritious for little children especially at the time when they are not eating well or are sick.
This Hareera has delicious taste of original India Ghee and contain sugar, water and Milk plus almonds. If you are looking out for a more organic juice which is tasty yet nutritious and away from harmful and heavy chemicals and spices then Badaam ka Hareera is Best for your child.
Ingredients: 1-Almonds 2-Milk 3- Drinking water 4- Sugar 5- Wheat powder 6- Desi ghee
Preparation:Take 3 almonds skin off and cut them into small pieces, take a pan and put one full table spoon of desi ghee in it. Wait till the ghee becomes hot now add wheat powder 2 full table spoons and almonds and put the sto…