Badaam Hareera

Hey friends there is yet another special recipe in Bachelor`s cuisine this time it is for students who do not like to cook and wants to eat delicious and also for kids.
Let`s look at this special recipee

Badaam Hareera

Before giving the recipe of Badaam ka hareera I would like to say the benefits of this Hareera.
It is Nutritious for little children especially at the time when they are not eating well or are sick.

This Hareera has delicious taste of original India Ghee and contain sugar, water and Milk plus almonds.
If you are looking out for a more organic juice which is tasty yet nutritious and away from harmful and heavy chemicals and spices then Badaam ka Hareera is Best for your child.

3- Drinking water
4- Sugar
5- Wheat powder
6- Desi ghee

Preparation:Take 3 almonds skin off and cut them into small pieces, take a pan and put one full table spoon of desi ghee in it. Wait till the ghee becomes hot now add wheat powder 2 full table spoons and almonds and put the stove on sim, fry the wheat powder with almonds till it changes it`s color and become golden brown.
Remember never cook this hareera on high stove as it can burn up everything.

Now add half cup water, one cup milk and sugar as per taste.
Cook on stove for more 5 minutes and the Hareera is ready to be served to kids.


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