Bachelor cuisine

Bachelor Cuisine

Hey guys If you are working alone in a foreign country like USA, UK or UAE.
And you do not know how to cook then you have come to the right place because this Bachelor cuisine is designed to help you to learn cooking very fast.

No worries if you are sitting at home alone or keep on ordering food from outside
Bachelor`s cuisine will teach you basics to perfection in cookery art.

You would be a perfect chef in just one week and would know how to run kitchen in few days.
Because iam bachelor and i have learnt cooking staying in USA from basics.
I will teach you some fantastic Mughlai dishes which we eat at home.
You will feel like home made food or your mother`s made food and it is amazing to learn these recipes which iam going to teach you.
So let`s get started.

Murgh Musallam


 1-One chicken without cutting it into pieces.
2- Ginger Garlic Paste
3-Olive oil
5-Almond powder
6-Red chilli Powder
7-Turmeric powder
8-Black pepper powder
9-Coriander powder Zeera powder
10-Salt as per taste.
11-All green spices like Coriander leaves, mint leaves and green chillies shall be added.
12-Soya sauce
13- Apple cider vineger
14- Tomato ketchup
15- Garam Masala powder.
16- 1 lemon


Wash the chicken and then take one clean Aluminium tray and put whole chicken in the tray and mix 3 table spoon ginger garlic paste, 1 lemon,salt to taste,
olive oil 1 cup and yogurt 1 cup, Almond powder 1 and half table spoon, red chilli powder 1 and a half table spoon,Black pepper 2 tea spoon,Coriander powder one table spoon, Turmeric powder half tea spoon, Garam masala powder 1 tea spoon, zeera powder less than half tea spoon,half tea spoon Tomato ketchup, half tea spoon soya sauce and 8 to 10 drops of Apple cider vineger now marinate this mixture well and keep it in fridge for half an hour.

Now just put on your Oven 
put this Aluminium tray of chicken inside oven on medium temperature
350 degree fahrenheit now cook the chicken for 1 hour or minimum 45 minutes.

Your Murgh Musallam is ready to enjoy.


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